Lost in Math/The Ugly Universe

We spotted a reference to Johannes Kepler today. He wrote about the “music of the spheres.” Just as there are simple and pleasing ratios in musical intervals, Kepler believed that there must be similar ratios in the sizes of the orbits of planets. The idea that nature’s laws must be beautiful and that a sense of beauty can guide scientists’ search for nature’s laws has long had a wide circulation. I am interested in a new book that criticizes this belief. The author is a German physicist. I turned the pages in a bookstore, but have not yet read the book. Here is a link to the German edition. I will read the English language edition.

Some of our students might understand this excerpt:
Physiker glauben häufig, dass die besten Theorien schön, natürlich und elegant sind. Was schön ist, muss wahr sein…
Here is a profile of the author, Sabine Hossenfelder.

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