Lise Meitner

  • I will look for the apparatus that Lise Meitner and her collaborators used to discover nuclear fission in the Deutsches Museum. They made their discovery just a few months before the start of the war. There is a street here in Munich named after Lise Meitner (Lise Meitner Weg—it is close to the Siemens Technology Accelerator) and streets named after her in other cities as well. There are schools named after Lise Meitner  (here and here and here and here). Cornell College’s library holds a biography of Lise Meitner. Those of you who want to exercise your knowledge of German might like this article published in a German newspaper a few weeks ago on the 50th anniversary of Lise Meitner’s death. If time allows, when we get to Berlin next week I hope to visit Lise and other great scientists at Humboldt University.

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